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Computer Science and Technology (Excellent Engineer Innovation Experimental Class: Financial and Economic Big Data Management)

Relying on the advantages of finance and economics discipline of the university, through enhancing interdisciplinary, using the cultivation mode of “thickening fundamentals, focusing on engineering, deepening communication, and perfecting direction”, the specialty aims at cultivating excellent engineering application talents with quality of "honesty, sensitivity, probity and perseverance" not only being familiar with the organization and operation mode of field of finance and economics, understanding business process and business logic of field of finance and economics, but also skillfully mastering professional knowledge and capacity on the aspect of computer software and hardware, programming and algorithm, database and data mining, system analysis and integration, etc, and being able to undertake works related to data analysis, data mining, product operation planning and consultation, data visualization, research and development and architecture design of big data management system etc in units of the field of finance and economics, such as banks, security institutions, and insurance institutions, etc.

   Main courses: the core professional courses include foundation of programming, object-oriented programming, data structures and algorithms, principles of operating system, computer networks, principle of database system, database application development technologies, and software engineering, etc; the professional specialty courses include fundamentals of accounting, principles of management, introduction to finance, introduction to international trade, introduction to big data management, big data management development technologies, finance and economics data mining, finance and economics data analysis, and financial information system, etc.


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