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Information and Computing Science (Econometrics)

Adhering to the talent cultivation concept of “characteristic management, personalized cultivation and elite education”, using the professional cultivation mode of “interdisciplinary education + economic data analysis + actual project promotion”, the specialty aims at focally cultivating students to systematically grasp solid mathematical theory foundation, method of economic quantitative analysis and data processing, to gain the ability for economic theory analysis and economic data processing to realize the target of good economic data processing ability and good mathematical modeling ability, cultivating students "to gain profound fundamentals of mathematics and information, and have both financial and economic characteristics", and cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents with quality of “honesty, sensitivity, probity and perseverance” that are qualified to undertake data analysis and processing works in relevant finance and economics industries, such as banks, security institutions, consultant institutions, and insurance institutions, etc, or qualified to undertake economic information data management or researching works in large, medium and small scale enterprises or public institutions, colleges and universities, as well as research institutions.

   Main courses: professional specialty courses (economic mathematics and its application, analysis of economic data, econometrics, financial and economic management information system, financial derivatives, and financial engineering, etc); core professional courses (mathematical analysis, econometrics, managerial statistics (bilingual), numerical computation method, money and banking, economic mathematical model and simulation, analysis of time series, and securities investment, etc)


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