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National featured specialties - Information Management and Information System

National featured specialties - Information Management and Information System aims at cultivating "technical talent with the knowledge of management" or "management talents with the knowledge of technologies" by combining financial colleges' features and college disciplines' advantages.

Relying on the doctor program in Management Science and Engineering and the master program in Computer Science and Technology, the major serves undergraduate majors--Information Management and Information System, and forms 4 featured teaching teams (data and knowledge engineering teaching team, E-commerce technology and application teaching team, enterprise informationization teaching team, and economic management decision and analysis teaching team), and develops scientific research, teaching research and practical activities centering on the curriculum system of the major Information Management and Information System. Through close coordination, it mutually creates featured specialties and forms "four dimensions, six model, double subjects, and interactive type" teaching mode.

   Based on general education curriculum, economic management curriculum and information technology curriculum, and taking management decision method curriculum and featured specialty curriculum as two wings, the curriculum system of the major aims at cultivating students' comprehensive abilities on information system development, implementation, management and application. Through the past years teaching experience, it gains remarkable achievements, including established 2 state level teaching teams, 4 state level excellent curricula, 3 national shared courses of excellent resource, 1 state level bilingual demonstration curriculum, and 1 state level teaching achievement prize.


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