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Du Bin
Associate Professors
Research: management decision, information system, knowledge management, mobile commerce

Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Management Science and Engineering, Ph. D

Jiangxi Normal University, Computer Software and Theory, Master of Science

Beijing industry and commerce university, Computer Science and Application, Bachelor of Science


Scientific research:

Published Papers

[1]      Du Bin. Modeling and empirical study of innovation diffusion based on social learning. Systems engineering theory & Practice, 34(10), 2014.

[2]      Long Yijing, Du Bin, Wang Linjian. Modeling and empirical study of online shopping innovation diffusion based on social learning. The fifth CNAIS National Congress, 2013, 247-252.

[3]      Du Bin. Construction and Empirical Study on Intellectual Individual Meta-competence Model. International Conference on Management of e-Commerce and e-Government (ICMeCG), 2013. (EIindex)

[4]      Du Bin, Li Junfeng. Construction and empirical study on team meta-competence model. Science Research Management, 2012, 33(11): 40-48. (CSSCIindex)

[5]      Du Bin. Entropy model for group decision making based on bounded cooperation mechanism. Chinese Journal of Management, 2011, 8(4): 628-632. (CSSCIindex)

[6]      Du Bin. Rational expectations equilibrium analysis to newsvendor model with updating information. Journal of Beihang University (Social Science Edition), 2010, 23(4): 44-47.

[7]      Li Junfeng, Du Bin. Empirical research on meta-competency evaluation model based on multiple dimensions hierarchical entropy. Journal of Beihang University (Natural Science Edition), 2010, 36(6): 700-704. (EIindex)

[8]      Du Bin, Qiu Wanhua. Cooperative group decision model based on complex entropy. China Management Science, 2009.

[9]      Du Bin. Generalized stochastic Petri net modeling and analysis of multi-echelon support system. Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology (Natural Science Edition), 2009, 29(11): 1030-1034. (EIindex)

[10]  Du Bin, Liu Xiaolong. Project risk modeling and simulation based on DSM. The second International Conference on Value Engineering and Project Management, 2009.(ISTPindex)

[11]  Du Bin. Project risk value modeling and simulation analysis. Science & Technology Progress and Policy, 2009, 26(21): 81-84. (CSSCIindex)

[12]  Du Bin. Rational Expectations Equilibrium Analysis on Newsvendor Model with Information Transfer. International Conference on Management of e-Commerce and e-Government (ICMeCG), 2009. (EIindex)

[13]  Du Bin. A Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm for Two-level Inventory Model in Multi-Echelon Support System. International Conference of Production and Operation Management, 2008.

[14]  Du Bin, QiuWanhua. Spaceflight project resource equalization model based on three dimensions hierarchical risk entropy. Science & Technology Progress and Policy. 2008, 25(10): 122-124. (CSSCIindex)

[15]  Yuan Wenjie, Du Bin. 2EE Architecture technology analysis. Computer Learning, 2008, (4): 71-72.

[16]  Du Bin. Multi-echelon Support System Analysis Based on Generalized Stochastic Petri Net. International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering(CSSE), IEEE, 2008. ( EIindex)

[17]  Du Bin. An Appropriate Evaluation Model for E-Commerce Applications. The Fifth Wuhan International Conference on E-Business, 2006. (ISTPindex)

[18]  Du Bin. The Analysis of Mobile E-Business Value Chain, Proceedings of the Fourth Wuhan International Conference on E-Business, 2005. (ISTPindex)

[19]  Du Bin. The linkage line data acquisition system. Science Mosaic, 2004, (7): 54-57.

[20]  Du Bin, Wang Mingwen. Research and implementation on data migration cross platform. Computer and Modernization, 2001, (6): 5-10.

[21]  Du Bin, Wang Mingwen. Information vacancy. Computer and Modernization, 2001, (5): 11-16.

Book Publication

[1] Du Bin, Risk Management Model and Its Application Oriented to Complex Project, Foreign Languages Press, 2013.


[1]      Research on the evolution mechanism of complex social network on the basis of social interaction, Jiangxi Province College of Humanities and Social Science Research Projects(GL1308), 2013. (Finished)

[2]      Research on social interaction behavior based on complex network, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics key research project, 2012. (Finished)

[3]      Study on diffusion model based on mobile social network knowledge, The Education Department of Jiangxi province science and technology project(2012GJJ12738), 2012.(Finished)

[4]      Study on some key problems of business intelligence in electronic commerce environment, The Education Department of Jiangxi province science and technology project(2007-278), 2007. (Finished)

[5]      Complex group decision theory and its value evaluation research and Application (70871002), The National Natural Science Foundation Project, 2008. (Finished)

[6]      Application Study on value engineering in engineering projects of CE-1. China fifth Aerospace Academy, 2007. (Finished)

[7]      Modern logistics management system of Beijing”, Beijing Wuzi University, 2008. (Finished)

[8]      “Research on UML modeling of EJB services applications, The Education Department of Jiangxi province science and technology project(2002-01), 2006. (Finished)

[9]      Study on the construction of electronic commerce system model based on Component Technology, The Education Department of Jiangxi province science and technology project(2003-73), 2005. (Finished)

[10]  Comprehensive information management system of Nanchang banknote printing plant, The people's Bank of Chinese technology project(9928034), 2001. (Finished, the third prize of national financial system scientific and technological progress award)

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