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Guo Yong
Research: user behavior in e-commerce, m-commerce, and SNS

1998-2002, Harbin Institute of technology, undergraduate student

2002-2004, Harbin Institute of technology, gradduate student

2005-2009, Haerbin institete of techonogy, PhD student

2009--today, Jiang Xi University of Fiance and Economcs, teacher

Scientific research:

1. Moderating Effects of Gender in the Acceptance of Mobile SNS Based on UTAUT Model, international Journal of Smart Home

2. User Acceptance of Mobile Online SNS ——Considering Perceived Enjoyment and Perceived Interactivity . ICITMS2014

3 User Acceptance of MOSNS Based on TAM Model , ICMECG2013

4 Layout Selection of Tobacco Distribution Center Based on Baumol Wolfe Model , ICISE2011

5 A Decision Method for M-Commerce Partner Selection Based on AHP/ELECTRE I , Journal of Computational Information System 2010

6 Modeling on the Greatest Profits Strategy of Mobile Sale Mode , Journal of Computational Information System 2009

7 Modeling in Mobile Electronic Commerce Distribution Pattern Based on Petri Nets and Analyzing on Profit Maximization Strategy , CCDC2008


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