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  Information Management
Xu Shenghua Female jxcdxsh@foxmail.com Chief Professors, Professors
Le Zhongjian Male jxcdlzj@163.com Professors
Fang Zhijun Male zjfang@gmail.com Professors
Yuan Feiniu Male yfn@ustc.edu Professors
Ling Chuanfan Male lingchuanfan@163.com Professors
Gan Xiaohong Female xhg1596@163.com Professors
Shu Wei Male shuwei8@126.com Professors
Chen Sihua Male chensihua@jxufe.edu.cn Professors, Associate Professors
Shen Bo Male 41721491@qq.com Associate Professors
Liu Wei Male lw0519@126.com Professors, Associate Professors
Yi Tong Male tongyi@jxufe.edu.cn Associate Professors
Li Shenghong Male li_shenghong@163.com Associate Professors
Liao Shumei Female lsmzl@hotmail.com Professors, Associate Professors
Zhou Ping Female zp_jx@126.com Associate Professors
Zhang Fuguo Male redbird_mail@163.com Associate Professors
Du Bin Male dubin.nc@qq.com Associate Professors
Yang Bo Male Yb_lh@163.com Professors, Associate Professors
Liu Qihua Male qh_liu@163.com Associate Professors

  Computer Science and Technology
Wan Changxuan Male wanchangxuan@263.net Professors
Di Guoqiang Male dylydgq@21cn.com Professors
Wu Jinghui Female jhwuin@126.com Professors
Tan Zuowen Male tanzyw@163.com Professors
Liao Guoqiong Male liaoguoqiong@163.com Professors
Yang Yong Male greatyang@foxmail.com Professors
Wu Fangjun Female jxcdwfj@gmail.com Associate Professors
Yang Qi Male yangqi5510@163.com Associate Professors
Liu Qian Male Qliu678@sohu.com Professors, Associate Professors
Li Shenghong Male lish@jxufe.edu.cn Associate Professors
Yang Xiaoping Male yangxiaoping@sohu.com Associate Professors
Yuan Lichi Male yuanlichi@sohu.com Professors, Associate Professors
Li Zhonghua Male chinalee@jxufe.edu.cn Associate Professors
Liu Dexi Male dexi.liu@163.com Professors, Associate Professors
Wan Zheng Male wanzheng97@y163.com Associate Professors
Liu Aihong Female liuah@126.com Professors, Associate Professors
Luo Siwen Male luosiwen@126.com Professors, Associate Professors
Qian Zhongsheng Male changesme@163.com Associate Professors

  Mathematics and Mathematical Economics
Tao Changqi Male tcq_822@163.com Professors
Nie Gaohui Male niegaohui@163.com Professors
Zhong Youming Male zym666@163.com Professors
Yu Dajin Male ydj1071069@163.com Professors, Associate Professors
Deng Yongmei Female dym3816@163.com Associate Professors
Zou Yuren Female zouyuren@126.com Associate Professors
Wan Jianxiang Female zhwjx2002@163.com Associate Professors

  Mathematics and Management Decision
Yi Weiming Male yiwm@163.com Professors
Liu Jian Male liujian3816@263.net Professors
Xu Ye Female xuye_525@163.com Professors
Liu Manfeng Female 1312912674@qq.com Professors
Sheng Jiliang Male shengjiliang@163.com Professors
Wan Shuping Male shupingwan@163.com Professors
Hua Changsheng Male huachsh@yeah.net Professors
Leng Mingming Male Professors
Yang Shouyuan Male yshouy@sina.com Associate Professors
Wang Cuixia Female Wangcx1995@126.com Professors, Associate Professors
Ding Ke Male keding@jxufe.edu.cn Professors, Associate Professors

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